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About Varied / Hobbyist Jose David Rivera MaldonadoMale/United States Groups :icondragonball-apex: Dragonball-Apex
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Arevir vs. Lace by JayDRivera Arevir vs. Lace :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 27 16 Holiday Matsuri 2015 Green Ranger by JayDRivera Holiday Matsuri 2015 Green Ranger :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 9 4 Custom Green Ranger Cosplay  by JayDRivera Custom Green Ranger Cosplay :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 32 1 Battle Royal wip by JayDRivera Battle Royal wip :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 21 7 Arevir SSJ Saiyan Armor by JayDRivera Arevir SSJ Saiyan Armor :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 79 22 Arevir New Apex color by JayDRivera Arevir New Apex color :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 61 22 Super Saiyan Apex idea by JayDRivera Super Saiyan Apex idea :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 63 31 Thank you Pic Daiju ISSJ by JayDRivera Thank you Pic Daiju ISSJ :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 11 17 Thank you Pic Renou (Updated) by JayDRivera Thank you Pic Renou (Updated) :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 13 4 Thank you Pic Mastado by JayDRivera Thank you Pic Mastado :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 12 13 Thank you Pic Rez by JayDRivera Thank you Pic Rez :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 23 28 Arevir vs. Sakuru Tournament 13 Entry by JayDRivera Arevir vs. Sakuru Tournament 13 Entry :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 36 11 Dragonball Apex Page 3 by JayDRivera Dragonball Apex Page 3 :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 16 28 Arevir SSJ5  SSJ6 BAttle Armor by JayDRivera Arevir SSJ5 SSJ6 BAttle Armor :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 28 26 Arevir SSJ5 and SSJ6 Lineart by JayDRivera Arevir SSJ5 and SSJ6 Lineart :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 31 38 Green Ranger Cosplay Faves by JayDRivera Green Ranger Cosplay Faves :iconjaydrivera:JayDRivera 162 17


Power Rangers : The Green Dragon by zearz Power Rangers : The Green Dragon :iconzearz:zearz 86 7 Batman rebirth by TerryAlec Batman rebirth :iconterryalec:TerryAlec 69 5 Khriztian the Gokai Killer by khriztian Khriztian the Gokai Killer :iconkhriztian:khriztian 8 0 DAJJAL SUPER SAIYAN-NEGA by ERIC-ARTS-inc DAJJAL SUPER SAIYAN-NEGA :iconeric-arts-inc:ERIC-ARTS-inc 65 50
The first round of the Saiya-Jin Tenkaichi has come to a close, hope you guys are having some fun so far! Thank you to those who participated! Without further ado, it's time for competitors and spectators to vote for their favorite entries to see who shall advance towards Round 2! :D
13. SonTanku (Tanku) :iconVersusplz: 9. NightShade2K16 (Katy)
8. SonKiyaun (Kiks) :iconVersusplz: 6. BlazingBarrager (Saphi)
15. victoryslayer49 (Zokuen) :iconVersusplz: 12. UltimateVegetaKai (Cyclone) -TND- Cyclone Vs Zokuen #03 by UltimateVegetaKai
7. trunkims (Keiko) Saiyan Tournament- Rez vs Keiko by trunkims :iconVersusplz: 14. chrisolian (Rez) Tenkaich no Daikaio entry: Keiko vs Rez by chrisolian
16. Sir-Duke01 (Topota) (DISQUALIFIED DUE TO LACK OF ENTRY) :iconVersusplz: 5. Re-evolution360 (Gordon) Gordon vs. Topota 1 by Re-evolution360Gordon vs. Topota 2 by Re-evolution360
11. Rainstar-123 (Vegeta Jr.) :thumb623702
:icontenkaichi-no-daikaio:Tenkaichi-no-DaiKaio 1 44
Xeno Goku SSJ4 by bloodsplach Xeno Goku SSJ4 :iconbloodsplach:bloodsplach 165 46 Saiyan Tourny pt.1 by RyokoZchan Saiyan Tourny pt.1 :iconryokozchan:RyokoZchan 15 26

Hey guys, we finally hit the amount of necessary contestants to get this tournament going! Thank you to those who registered and thank you all for the patience! The way the tournament match ups have been made was through; I set the minimum number to 1 and the maximum to 16 and paired every two numbers that were generated! I did this so there wasn't any bias for these rounds and I wanted for everyone to feel like this was a fair tournament. :D
Introducing your contestants!!!
13. SonTanku (Tanku) :iconVersusplz: 9. NightShade2K16 (Katy)
8. SonKiyaun (Kiks) :iconVersusplz: 6. BlazingBarrager (Saphi)
15. victoryslayer49 (Zokuen) :iconVersusplz: 12. UltimateVegetaKai (Cyclone)
7. trunkims (Keiko) :iconVersusplz: 14. chrisolian (Rez)
16. Sir-Duke01 (Topota) :iconVersusplz: 5. Re-evolution360 (Gordon)
11. Rainstar-123 (Vegeta Jr.) :iconVersusplz: 1. Hanoi25201 (Sidka)
2. Izzybellau (Sakura) :ic
:icontenkaichi-no-daikaio:Tenkaichi-no-DaiKaio 6 15
Hey guys, how's it hanging? :D
For our fourth tournament, it seems that a Race Reserved Tournament for Saiya-Jin has beat out the other tournaments and has won the vote!
As this tournament is similar to a traditional Tenkaichi Budokai, there will be a total of 16 SLOTS open for you guys to participate in! If more than 16 people want to join, there must be a minimum of 4 remaining contestants, these contestants will be put into a separate tournament which of course will be decided by their votes!
If you'd like to join, put your name and character down in the comment section and I'll fill out the slots below!
1. Hanoi25201 (Sidka)
2. Izzybellau (Sakura)
3. YamchaFan91 (Daikon)
4. RyokoZchan (Lace)
5. Re-evolution360 (Gordon)
6. BlazingBarrager (Saphi)
7. trunkims (Keiko)
8. SonKiyaun (Kiks)
9. NightShade2K16 (Katy)
10. JayDRivera (Arevir)
11. Rainstar-123 (Vegeta Jr.)
12. UltimateVegetaKai (Cyclone)
13. :devTank
:icontenkaichi-no-daikaio:Tenkaichi-no-DaiKaio 6 79
Tenkaichi Battle Royale Champion: Arevir!! by z-AnoziraAshakage-z Tenkaichi Battle Royale Champion: Arevir!! :iconz-anoziraashakage-z:z-AnoziraAshakage-z 9 5 Pokemon Hunter: Tyrantrum by PursuerOfDarkness Pokemon Hunter: Tyrantrum :iconpursuerofdarkness:PursuerOfDarkness 409 20 Request for Yamato012 by AvebelleZ Request for Yamato012 :iconavebellez:AvebelleZ 44 22 Vegeta SSJ3 by Maniaxoi Vegeta SSJ3 :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 557 184 JEDAH: SUPER SAIYAN wip by ERIC-ARTS-inc JEDAH: SUPER SAIYAN wip :iconeric-arts-inc:ERIC-ARTS-inc 58 39 GOLDEN ARCTICKAHN by ERIC-ARTS-inc GOLDEN ARCTICKAHN :iconeric-arts-inc:ERIC-ARTS-inc 97 37 GOD OF DEVILS by ERIC-ARTS-inc GOD OF DEVILS :iconeric-arts-inc:ERIC-ARTS-inc 43 66


I would like to start off by indicating that this is truly an interesting visualization of "Super Saiyan God". :) I like how you seem to...

I’d like to start off by pointing out what a magnificent job you’ve done with the creation of this picture. SSJ5 is probably the Highes...

by Kai1984

I would like to start off by stating that I fully agree with you Kai in terms of making each OC unique and working with certain conditi...



Arevir vs. Lace
Here is my entry for the All saiyan Tournament over at :icontenkaichi-no-daikaio:

My character was to do Battle with a Half Saiyan named Lace. She is a very interesting character and I had a wonderful time drawing her... Sadly... Im still perfecting my coloring skills so I hope you guys like this piece of art.

I decided to take a different approach with this entry as I'm always portraying Arevir in a more "direct" approach when it come to his fighting in tournaments... 

I decided to go with a more humorous and annoyed route.. LOL

Hope you all like.


Lace Belongs to : :iconryokozchan:

Arevir belongs to me :iconjaydrivera:


JayDRivera's Profile Picture
Jose David Rivera Maldonado
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Jose David Rivera Maldonado and I’m an artist that resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’m a huge fan of the Dragonball series and would like to create a new Dragonball series someday in order to further develop the story and characters for a series that is already full of beloved characters and has an amazing storyline. I am currently working on a fan made version of the series called Dragonball Apex. As time proceeds, you’ll be able to see the pages online and hopefully my team and I will be able to get feedback from fans letting us know what they think. I am also a big fan of many other things such as Comic book heroes like Batman, Video games like Mortal Kombat, Tigers and Ford Mustangs. You’ll be able to see different artworks of things I’ve drawn within my Profile.

I dedicate my work to all the fellow Artists in the world and my Dragonball Project to all the Dragonball series fans around the globe. This is for you!!!!!!!

Here’s to a new beginning!!!!!!!!!!!
:iconyamato012:, :iconeric-arts-inc:, :iconmysterious-flame:, :iconsamgorsuch:, :iconchrisolian:

:iconlegendarybrol:, :iconz-anoziraashakage-z:, :icondbzafmikey:, :icongrinningsorrow:, :iconhyper-red:

:iconblazingbarrager:, :iconahuggybear: :icontheonekingleek:

Hello everyone. I trust that everyone's holiday went well. I know that for some of us the holiday season is not over yet so I hope that you all keep on having a good time with friends and family. :D

On to business.

As you all know, Dragon Ball apex was in a small hiatus due to some disagreements, opinions and plot holes that were affecting the story. During this leave of absence, there has been some discussion as to where Dragon Ball apex would take Route. It also gave us time to gather information on the last two Dragon Ball Z movies that currently came out and also allowed us to further gather information due to the Dragon Ball super manga that is out.

Dragon Ball apex will indeed be taking a different route from Dragon Ball Z super, Goku and the Z characters. Just like before, we will see the Z characters at the beginning of the story but then we will break loose from that and go our own way until later on in the story where we will indeed we meet the Z characters once again. With that being said, this will be the starting point of the project. I will be opening up a discussion on the Dragon Ball apex deviantART page like we used to do to start the project once again.

First and foremost of all, I would like to congratulate :icongrinningsorrow:, ::iconchrisolian::iconz-anoziraashakage-z: and :iconahuggybear: As they are now officially Dragon Ball apex artists. Their artwork will indeed have a major role in the story and comic book as I will be using the exact panels and cells they create with only slight modifications so that we can get this project going.

In other news, I am sad to say that Paul Guas is no longer part of this project due to his long absence and the fact that he has not been cooperating at all with the development of the story between myself and grinning sorrow. We will still be using Saug... but he will instead be a villain. More on that later.

Anyone that would like to help out with artwork is more than welcome to do so, and if the artwork can be placed into the comic book it will indeed be done.

Also, Everyone that contributes to this project will indeed get full credit for the project as this is a team based project and everybody will be treated equally.

On my end, I will keep trying to contact grinning sorrow so that I may get you guys all the proper information needed for further discussions. I will also be continuing the new character models for all the characters that will be in Dragon Ball apex as well as their forms.

Finally, as I stated before in a passed journalist entry, I have started removing artwork and other items from the Dragon Ball apex page to make room for all the new stuff that we will be working on. I have removed different artwork as well as my own art due to the fact that I don't want any confusion between the new Apex items and the old. Please don't take me removing your artwork or anything else personally. We're just starting with a clean slate. :) I would never delete artwork for no reason. 

Sometime during the day today, I will have the first discussion post on the Dragon Ball apex DA page.... so please keep an eye out for it.

I would also like to discuss what would be a proper weekly meeting schedule for you guys. My suggestion is probably Saturdays and or Sundays in the evening due to the fact that most people can meet those days. Please let me know in the comments below if the weekends during the evening is a good time for all of you to meet up with me. The meetings would probably take place via da chat.

Please comment below if able so that I know that you saw this message

Cheers :ahoy:



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liam12344321 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 9, 2017
hey man
i really love your arts!1;)
so can i ask if you do a dbz request?
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Hello you could make me a render or miniature for my youtube channel I have a channel with more than 35,000 sub. I will promote your deviantart page on my channel and my social networks. Interest you
DragoX93 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016
really cool art man,can you do a dbz request?
JayDRivera Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the compliment :D
At the moment I can't do requests as I'm not on for the most part and have many things on my plate at the moment. Sorry
DragoX93 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
no problem man :)
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Thanks bro!
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What's up dude, when do u plan on having another meeting?
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